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Here to Serve You
Our deacons are a team of over men who take the care of you and your family very personally . Whether through hospital visitation, calls and cards of encouragement, or service to the church, the Deacons of Chewalla Baptist Church are always ready to help in your time of need.
To request a deacon visit for yourself or a family member, email us

Our Deacons
The mission of our church compels us to actively minister to others and connect them to Jesus Christ. Our deacons, a pastoral care ministry of our church, are the hands and feet of Chewalla Baptist Church who serve our members and reach out to our community.
Deacons are to serve the church, in accordance with the standards outlined in Acts 6:1-7 and 1 Timothy 3.

To model a Christian lifestyle and commitment that is worthy of emulation by other church members.
To participate in the life of the church with a goal of ministry and service to its members.
To be of good reputation and be full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom.
To proclaim the gospel to believers and unbelievers.
To care for church members and other persons in the community.
To lead the church by example to engage in a fellowship of worship, witness, education, ministry, and lifestyle application.
To lead the church by example in performing its task.

Visit hospitals, nursing homes, and funeral homes
Send out cards, letters, and e-mails (read and respond)
Make phone calls to current and new members (as needed)
Be an active member of the team and attending monthly deacon meetings
Present the gospel
Pray and study the Bible
Pray with the pastor
Pray for the church members

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