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At Chewalla Baptist Church, we know people of all ages have questions concerning baptism.

• I'm a new believer, should I be baptized?
• I was baptized as an infant; do I need to be baptized again?
• How did they baptize people in New Testament times?
• Does baptism wash away my sins?

We believe the answers to these questions are found in God's Word - the Bible. The Bible teaches us that baptism is the first step of obeying Jesus after making a personal commitment of your life to Him by turning from your sins (repentance) and turning to Jesus by placing your total trust (faith) in Him.
No matter your questions, we want to discuss them with you. Everyone's baptism should be meaningful and memorable.

If you're exploring baptism with questions or have already made this commitment in your heart, we offer a Baptism Discussion Meeting where you can sit down with our Pastor to talk more about this exciting step in your journey.

To arrange a Baptism Discussion Meeting, you can contact Richard Doyle at or 731-646-0397.

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