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We have served our families and community by providing sound, Biblical teaching and preaching and many opportunities for worship and ministry.
Our hope is that you will explore our website and plan a visit to our church. We would love to meet you and worship with you as together we look to grow and serve through our love for Jesus.
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The youth ministry team of Jeff and Amy Kelley did not want to waste any time in  getting to know their youth group by meeting with them Wednesday night. When they were voted in Sunday night, they were ready to immediately get underway learning their young people.
    Jeff and Amy come to Chewalla with the excitement of combining with young people to grow together as Christians. They both believe it will not take a long time for them to mesh with the CBC youth group.
    Jeff was called to the ministry at Mt Gilead in 2002. In 2005 they started at Grace Baptist where they’ve been for the last 14 years. 
     Chewalla Basketball League was the first thing Jeff and Amy noticed about our church this year when their daughter Lydia played basketball.
     "It was amazing to us how the church opened the doors to a relatively new building to anyone that wanted to play," said Jeff. "Ross (Shelton) and the many others from the church that volunteered their time to make this program work so well."
     While the children were coming to play basketball, Jeff felt the volunteers were there to show love to them and present the gospel to the children in a different fashion.  
     The new youth leaders said their first goal was to establish a trust with them and show them an example of the lessons they plan to use in the beginning.
     "Our young people have been extremely well taught by Will (Shelton)," praised Jeff. "I've talked to Will and plan to talk to more about getting ideas of how he reached them."
   “My main emphasis will be to teach the truths of God’s Word, making sure they understand the Bible in context. I want to see our young people grow to be men and women who have a firm foundation based on a deep understanding of Jesus Christ, and through their lives The kingdom of God would be advanced.” -Jeff
     "I want to help our youth to become genuine Christians," said Amy. "We hope they become tough, mature grown-up Christians because it is not always easy being a Christian. We want them to be able to lead their friends to Christ."
    "My hope is our young men will learn how to love their future wives and children in the way God intended them to love them," she said.
"We want our young ladies to learn how to someday be a good Christian wife and mother to love others in a manner that pleases God."
    Amy said she already knew some of the parents of the children and that was going to be a plus for her. They are good friends with Adam and Meg Day.  
     The new youth leaders will meet with the Pastor and youth committee to develop a calendar and find out what is important to them.
     "We know summer is a vital part of youth ministry and we hope to hit the ground running with a summer program," commented Jeff.
     A good outreach for the youth is to bring their friends to church. They know their friends and (its easier for us to work through)them to invite them to church. We want to target unchurched teens and have some events that may attract young people.
    Our young people have been exposed to missions work in helping those in the community and the Kelleys want to do more of that in the future.
     The couple has been overwhelmed with how warm the Chewalla church family has been to them.
     "I’m impressed how the church has gone out of their way to welcome us to Chewalla," remarked Jeff.      
    Jeff graduated from Trinity Christian Academy in Jackson in 1997. Amy got a much better academic education and graduated McNairy Central in 1998.
    They were married in 2000. Amy and Jeff have two children, Lydia (6) and Luke (4).
Jeff and Amy own their own clothing recycling business, Southern Textiles.
     God painted a picture of how He prepares the way to take care of His church. He had brought Amy and Jeff to the church to get to many church members before Will and Megan had left for First Baptist.
     Praise Him for preparing the way for Jeff and Amy to come to serve at Chewalla Baptist.  

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