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We hope that you will enjoy our new website. Chewalla Baptist Church is not just a building. It’s a body of believers that wants to come together to worship as a family. Our goal is to reach the unconnected and connect them with Jesus.
Our mission is to glorify God and make him known to everyone…everywhere. We want all ages to feel a part of our church that everyone understands we are to serve our great God.
We have served our families and community by providing sound, Biblical teaching and preaching and many opportunities for worship and ministry.
Our hope is that you will explore our website and plan a visit to our church. We would love to meet you and worship with you as together we look to grow and serve through our love for Jesus.
We will still maintain our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and hope the two social media sites will help more people learn about Jesus.

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School 9 a.m.
First Sunday Worship 10 a.m.
Discipleship Training & S3 5:30 p.m.
Worship 6:30 p.m.
Service 6 p.m.

All warriors are not men. There are female warriors that were great servants of God even though they may not have been soldiers. We have a warrior in our church of another type. Cindy Wilbanks had breast cancer surgery last Thursday and she met the dreaded surgery head-on. Cindy was in church Sunday three days following the operation. She did not take it easy to stay home and was back ready to worship God. She has been a faithful member of CBC for over six years. Cindy found our church on Facebook when she moved to Ramer and has been a part of our church family since that time. While it was very hot on the 4th of July, she braved the heat by coming to Ramer's parade to take pictures for the church's Facebook page. Cindy has a love for photography and belongs to a photographer's club in Jackson. She puts her talent to good use by taking pictures of church activities. A quiet servant, Cindy is always willing to help out behind the scenes. If she is asked to do something for the church she never says no. The key is her service is done because of her love for God and not at all a want to be recognized. It is a good chance the writer of this story is going to be chastised by her because she will think the article is praising her. Deborah, a Judge in Israel, was one of the women warriors in the Bible. She was a leader and adviser in times of trouble. She is the only female judge listed in the Book of Judges. She had the charisma needed to convince people they could take extraordinary risks and succeed. The force of her personality and her complete faith in God gave Barak the courage to face odds that he knew to be overwhelming. If you know Cindy, you know her love for God is real and genuine. If you do not know her, seek her out and become her friend. There is little doubt she was prayed up before last week's surgery. She was confident that God was going to take care of her in this battle with cancer.  

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